What is CHE?

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a wholistic ministry strategy that integrates evangelism, discipleship, and church growth with community health and development. CHE workers strive to obey everything that Jesus commanded, and teach others to do the same. Through CHE ministries, people become followers of Jesus, and whole communities are lifted out of cycles of poverty and disease.

The purpose of a CHE ministry is to serve as a catalyst for personal and community transformation. Through our work, Jesus is recognized as Lord over all creation, and individuals are empowered to use the spiritual authority God has given them to bless their families and neighborhoods. Our development activities bring glory to God by reflecting the depth and breadth of His love for the world.

CHE is a Christ-centered educational program that equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable change. Lives and communities are transformed as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs. CHE is being used by more than 400 different Christian ministries in 105 countries worldwide. Bridgetown Ventures is a CHE affiliate working to empower neighborhoods in the Memphis area.