Expected Outcomes

The success of a CHE program can be measured by the following indicators that are consistently seen in mature CHE programs around the world:

Hope and Vision: The community sees a better future for itself and has hope that it can be achieved.

Leadership: Godly Christian leaders are positioned and equipped to lead the community toward to accomplish its vision.

Ownership: People are taking responsibility for their own health and well being.

Cooperation: People are united and working together for the common good.
Volunteers: Significant numbers of people are taking initiative and acting sacrificially to meet the legitimate needs of others.

Dignity: People have recovered their identity as made in the image of God and their vocation as stewards of creation. Instead of being controlled or victimized by their environment, they are stewards of it.

Learning, Skill, and Resources: People are equipped to identify needs and resources, put together a plan, and mobilize volunteers to accomplish their vision. People are continually reflecting on what is happening in order to learn how to be more effective.

Christian Community and Witness: The church is recognized as an agent of positive change. Believers are meeting together for fellowship, prayer, Bible study and worship, and are sharing Christ with their neighbors in word and deed.

Once the above outcomes are achieved, we begin to see the full impact of our work. Churches are strengthened, health improves, and economies become more productive. Peace, justice, compassion, and righteousness are witnessed throughout the community and God is glorified.

Nathan Cook