Core Values of a CHE Program

Community Owned - Neighborhood residents prioritize the needs of the community, then design and implement interventions to address them using existing community assets. Interventions are designed to empower the community to do as much as possible using their own skills and resources. Leadership for implementation is delegated to community members. Successes and failures are evaluated by neighborhood committee members to enhance future learning. Community ownership and leadership is emphasized at every level of training and development.

Collaborative - Partnerships and collaborations are established with existing government, church and community based organizations to take advantage of local assets and resources and prevent duplication of services.

Holistic - Physical and spiritual needs are addressed together at every training session. 

Hopeful - CHE affirms that everyone has something to give, regardless of one’s life circumstances. Biblical truth is integrated into each empowerment lesson to dispel the lie that we can’t do anything to change our situation. Jesus has overcome our shortcomings and has given us the grace we need to create communities of transformation.

Reproducible - Training material is kept simple and easy to reproduce. Volunteers are trained on both intervention strategies and on how to train others. Strategies for multiplication are built into each stage of development in a CHE program. 

Nathan Cook