Neighborhood Transformation

Begins with You


What We Believe

At Bridgetown we believe that God endows every person with the character, abilities and assets needed to build a just society. We identify God's gifts as we listen to one another. We deploy God's gifts as we love one another. And we experience God's grace as we trust one another to express the gifts God has given us. When individuals in community possess both the graciousness to give and the humility to receive, transformation begins. This short video produced by The Bible Project summarizes what it means to be made in the image of God, and gives a glimpse into how we can use our God given gifts to build a just society that honors Him.




Bridgetown blends traditional community development efforts with a community empowerment program called CHE, community health evangelism. Bridgetown assists neighborhood leaders to identify their latent talents, skills and abilities and empowers residents to address the concerns of their community, as they define them. Bridgetown's four goals are...

02. To multiply visionary leaders for neighborhood transformation.

04. To increase equity investment in divested neighborhoods.

01. To bring people to faith in Jesus and help them discover their gifts.

03. To improve social determinants of health through community empowerment.


Community Health Evangelism


Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a program utilized by hundreds of churches and organizations around the world to equip communities to identify the problems they are facing and mobilize their own resources to achieve positive, sustainable change. Bridgetown uses CHE training materials that are based on a Biblical worldview to help community leaders identify the root causes and beliefs that immobilize residents and perpetuate generational poverty. The gospel of Jesus Christ creates a new perspective through which we view ourselves and the world around us. When neighbors begin to see the assets that God has already entrusted to them, and begin to put those assets to work through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, families and neighborhoods begin to experience positive transformation. 


What is CHE?

CHE is a Christ-centered educational program that equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable change...

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How does CHE work?

CHE is implemented through a series of 5 Steps. First, CHE Coordinators conduct a 10 hour vision seminar with a broad range of community stakeholders...


Outcomes of CHE

The success of a CHE program can be measured by the following indicators that are consistently seen in mature CHE programs around the world...


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